For lecturers and examiners

In order to maintain a clear overview of complex administrative tasks in a work environment that is split between research and teaching, CAMPUSonline offers flexible support for both lecturers and examiners. It allows them to manage courses, schedules, exams and events as well as students.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • My Desktop: Manage applications, bookmarks and personal data
  • Courses: Plan and schedule courses easily, manage participants and rooms, upload documents
  • Exams: Create exams, manage candidates and assessments
  • Communication: Notify students and keep in touch with course participants and exam candidates


CAMPUSonline optimises the processes that allow lecturers to set up courses and make them public, upload learning materials as well as organise rooms and schedules. It also permits lecturers to keep track of course registrations, enter partial results for courses run by more than one teacher and send notifications to all of their students at any time.


Exam administration is a complex and often time-consuming task. CAMPUSonline provides a comprehensive registration system and helps examiners to manage student data, assessments and partial results. Additionally, examiners can also manage recognitions and degrees, including theses and graduations.