Standard documentation

CAMPUSonline supports all modules and tools with a clearly structured documentation that is aimed at operations managers (for configuration and administration) and key users (including concept descriptions, step-by-step instructions and a glossary). The documentation can be accessed, searched, downloaded and printed via the support portal.

  • The documentation is available in HTML as well as in PDF format. This allows you to quickly find what you are looking for when working online but also to build up know-how offline.
  • If requested, CAMPUSonline will supply you with the original files in XML format, in order to allow key users to adapt the documentation for instructions and training materials, i.e. for end users.
  • The online help can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the university, for example by adding special use cases.

Additional documentation

In addition to our ample standard documentation, some universities require additional documentation to fulfil their needs. This can be the case when CAMPUSonline is adapted to the university’s own processes or whenever specific requirements have to be met regarding user groups such as end users. Sometimes changes in layout in order to fit in with the university’s corporate design are also required.

  • Putting together additional documentation is done in close cooperation with the respective university and includes the compilation of guidelines and relevant use cases.
  • Additional documentation is also available in HTML and/or in PDF format.

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