System installation

When introducing CAMPUSonline to our cooperation partners, we use our tried and tested introduction process. By implementing feedback from each respective cooperation partner, we optimise this introduction process continuously.

The introduction to CAMPUSonline starts with an optional orientation period, which takes place before the actual system installation. In this orientation period we jointly analyse the processes that take place at your university, at Graz University of Technology and the processes in CAMPUSonline. Even though this orientation phase can be run independently and does not have to precede the actual system installation, it generates a lot of useful output for a future installation of CAMPUS online. The benefits of this orientation phase are to identify processes at your university with the potential scope for optimisation, learn about CAMPUSonline and its functionalities, identify additional possibilities for cooperation and develop concepts and project plans for a possible system installation at your university in cooperation with TU Graz. If during the orientation phase a cooperation is deemed not to be possible, it can be terminated at this stage.

Orientation phase (optional)

  • Duration ~ 6-8 months (depending on the university)
  • Joint analysis and optimisation of the processes at your university
  • Knowledge transfer about the functionalities of CAMPUSonline
  • Setup of a separate CAMPUSonline test system
  • Best possible configuration of your test system by TU Graz to support your processes
  • Joint review of the processes in the system
  • Planning and conceptualisation of a possible system installation of CAMPUSonline

System installation phase

  • Duration ~ 18-36 months (depending on the university)
  • Joint analysis and optimisation of the processes at your university
  • Setup of infrastructure and standard system
  • Setup, analysis, optimisation and going live of individual areas
    • Basic resources (organisation meta structure, rooms, persons)
    • Student and fees management
    • Application management
    • Course and resources management
    • Curricula management
    • Exam management
  • Early Life Support for all areas

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